Proudly Offering Expert Joomla! CMS Web Development In Wisconsin Since 2008!



Proudly Offering Expert Joomla! CMS Web Development In Wisconsin Since 2008!

One CMS To Rule Them All: Joomla

AccreditedDesign.com is the best Joomla web design company in the United States. We have been building Joomla websites at our office near Madison Wisconsin exclusively since 2008.

There are essentially three Content Management Systems (CMS) dominating web development today. From the easiest to the most complicated they are respectively WordPress, Joomla, and finally Drupal. Joomla web design is overall the best choice for building a website, in our opinion.

Accredited Design LLC has chosen Joomla as the primary CMS to develop new websites in since it is more powerful than WordPress yet much less complicated than Drupal. If you want a straightforward blog you could select WordPress as your CMS. If you have a huge enterprise project, expecially one that may require a massive team of Madison based designers, Drupal is the CMS to go with. For anything between these extremes, we feel quite strongly that Joomla is the best selection.

Joomla is a web Content Management System or CMS. The major factor for utilizing a CMS to create a website is to make sure that you don't have to manually re-write large amounts of code from project to project. CMS's offer security measures such as username and password authentication, and in the case of Joomla, the ability to offer various individuals various degrees of access to various parts of your internet site. CMS's have large numbers of firms supplying visual design templates that can be efficiently customized to make your distinct website. These templates have been evaluated for use on various browsers and devices having random screen sizes. Out of the box, Joomla provides blog functionality, RSS feeds, contact forms, search, lists, latest news, web links, banners, and support for categories and tags.

Joomla is Free Open Source Software

Joomla is supported worldwide by thousands of programmers who add to it as a cost-free open-source software system. This means Accredited Design LLC can utilize Joomla totally free, and does not need to charge you any extra for utilizing it. As of February 2014 Joomla has been downloaded from the Web over 50 million times. Joomla's popularity indicates that there is a substantially large pool of people that can support your site.

Joomla is Extensible

The Joomla Extension Directory (JED) has over 8,000 cost-free or economical Joomla Extensions. So as an example if your project requires the development of a mini-Facbook style website, prominent social networking Joomla extensions include Community Builder as well as JoomSocial. If you require considerable personalized forms you may pick from RSFormPro, BreezingForms or Chronoforms.

Joomla has a streamlined underlying software foundation

One item where Joomla actually stands out over it's competitors is that it is based upon a strong, modern-day software foundation called the Joomla Framework that uses model-view-controllers as well as PHP object-oriented programming (OOP) strategies. In those instances where no one has already composed a Joomla Extension to perform a needed function, this greatly lowers the expense to develop and maintain any type of personalized programing you may ultimately need.

Joomla Security

Joomla's big group of core developers are always making enhancements to the safety of Joomla to stay in advance of hackers and crooks. Joomla 3 as an example now supports 2-factor authentication as well as secures password documents with Bcrypt. Along with constantly striving to add functions to Joomla, the group releases regular secuirty updates, in a similar way to how you see periodic security updates from Apple for you Mac or from Microsoft for your Windows PCs.

Joomla Is Easy To Administrate

Administrative management of a Joomla website is a breeze. Just login to the administrative area of your site and browse for anything you wish to add, edit or remove, click save and you’re all done! Finally, no more hassles to change your site’s content! The built in content editor is similar to using your favorite document program to write a letter. What you see on the screen while editing is what the public sees after you click save to publish your work. This technology is called a WYSIWYG Editor. This is an acronym for, "What You See Is What You Get" and it's quite literal in this case. Any content imaginable can be changed in your administrative area with ease!

A list of different types of websites best made with Joomla

  • Business Web sites or portals
  • Company intranets and extranets
  • Online publications, newspapers, and magazines
  • E-commerce
  • Online reservations
  • Government applications
  • Small business Web sites
  • Charitable and organizational Web sites
  • Community-based portals
  • College Web sites
  • Church Web sites
  • Personal or family homepages

We Are Your Joomla Experts

Headquartered in Richland Center/Madison Wisconsin, Accredited Design LLC supplies affordable Joomla web design in Madison, Eau Claire, La Crosse, Milwaukee or all other cities throughout the State of Wisconsin.

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