Website HostingAccredited Design is a certified re-seller of highly optimized cloud servers built specifically for the powerful Joomla CMS. By fine-tuning both MySQL and Apache, Joomla websites hosted on this platform perform noticeably faster than other hosting providers. Our hosting platforms also feature the Bolt-DNS service. Bolt-DNS is built for hosting cloud-based applications and uses a proven technology called Anycasting. Anycasting is a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) that makes sure you always talk to the nearest Bolt-DNS server.

All hosting plans come with FREE cloud email services. This means you have an unlimited number of email accounts (at no extra cost up to 10GB) for included in the hosting plan. More email storage space is available at additional yearly cost, but 95% of our customers find more space unnecessary.

All hosting plans also include advanced security and anti-hacking technologies, automated weekly backups of your entire website, and constant 24-7/365 monitoring by expert I.T. server administrators.


Cloudaccess Certified Reseller