Domain NamesA domain name is used in URLs to identify a given web page. For example, in the URL, the domain name is

Your domain name should be as short and memorable as possible in order to make the name easy to remember, hard to forget and should at least somewhat accurately identify your business. A common analogy we use is to say you're on a vacation a long way from home and taking an elevator in a hotel. In the elevator you're in a discussion about what you do for a living and no one has a way of writing a note. To make matters worse, you've left your business cards in your room. So you tell them just to go visit "". If your site name is difficult to pronounce or remember and too complex to say out loud, you have a real problem.

So, now comes the task of choosing a good domain name which for some can be a challenging task. To make this process a little easier, use our free and private domain name checker tool below to search for available domain names. If you find one you like which is available, CONTACT US to get started with securing the name. We'd be glad to help out!

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