Accredited Design LLC was founded in 2008 by Bob Kraft and it's office is located in the beautiful rolling hill country of Richland Center, Wisconsin.


Bob Kraft began his passion for computer technology in 1985 after receiving his first home computer, a Commodore VIC-20 as a gift from his family as a young teenager. On this very early home computer, Bob realized that this technology would some day change the world and wanted to learn everything about it that he could. He quickly learned to write code in the BASIC computer language and went on to write many unpublished utility and game software programs. After many years and the ever-increasing state of computer and internet technology, Bob has continually improved his knowledge and abilities in many areas including marketing, sales, business management and customer service and of course Information Technology and Computer Science. In 2008 a meeting of old friends prompted him to form a company performing web development focused on the amazingly powerful Joomla! CMS. After searching for available domain names for the new venture, was registered and a legacy of providing powerful, affordable web development solutions to a large number of businesses near and abroad was formed.

Bob Kraft

Currently, Accredited Design LLC offers a massive variety of custom web development solutions in multiple CMS's and environments, custom software development services, web hosting solutions, email hosting solutions, domain name registration, web security audits and solutions, SEO services and solutions and so much more. Accredited Design LLC is also involved in some yet undisclosed game development projects and produces original video media content for it's network channel and associated website.

At Accredited Design LLC, we are humbled by the friendship of the many people and businesses we work with and are honored to have assisted so many great people. We look forward to many more years of providing stellar solutions and customer support to many more businesses both near home and abroad. We strongly encourage you to have more than a second look at our highly affordable services and solutions. It is our passion to empower others with what we've learned in our company's journey.

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Accredited Design LLC has been providing businesses with web design, hosting and domain solutions for nearly a decade. We specialize in building complex web systems for our business customers.

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